I am looking into getting another guitar for heavier blues and blues-rock with my band, and want guitar with humbuckers, ill probably replace them anyways, but I want to get a thicker and fuller sound for some Zeppelin and early Clapton stuff.

I really like Epiphones, and have given up trying to justify spending over $1400 for a Gibson LP Classic, so I am just going to get a higher end Epi.

I am looking into the Epi LP Custom, Riviera, Sheraton II, or Casino.

These all seem perfect for blues, and since I am very tall, the semi-hollows would fit me a bit better.

I like the look and sound of Les Pauls, and can put some Burstbuckers in the Epi Custom, but is it good for harder rock and blues, or would the semi-hollows I listed rock as well?
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I wouldn't go semi-hollow if your gonna play some Zeppelin. But if it's like the lighter Zeppelin stuff sure. The paul seems to be the way to go imo.
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Semihollow can handle zeppelin fine. Get a sheraton.
if your gunna upgrade pups, don't go gibson, spend the money on seymore duncans, much better than gibbys.
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