I'm planning on building a Firefly tube amp. It's my first build so I figured I should start with something simple. So my question is, what kind of speakers can I use? 5W, 25W, 100W???, 4ohm, 8ohm??... I haven't got a clue on stuff like that.

For those who hasn't heard of the Firefly check this page:
I would actually go with the p1 or p1ex instead of the firefly. The firefly does not come with an eyelet board and will take much more planning to build. The p1 can be ordered with a predrilled chassis that is ready for components to be mounted. The firefly however is a good amp if you do decide to go ahead and jump on it. An 8 ohm speaker that is rated above 1 watt will be useable.
Allright, I have found a site where you can order the PCB-board for the amp for about $21 so that's no problem... So how high in Watt can I go?... is there a limit and can I use more than one speaker??
You can use any wattage that you want from what i understand. Personally i would keep the amp with smaller speakers. I've heard that the celestion tube 10 is a very good speaker for the firefly.
Okey, thanks for the answers!... Does the sound differ if I choose a certain wattage?
Can the amp power a 100W speaker??
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The sound will change depending upon the speaker so its all relative to that speaker.
Okey, I understand that... But can the firefly power a.. let's say, a 2*12 cab or 2*10?? In what range of watt should I look for speakers?
Yep it can power a 2x12, 2x10, 4x12, 4x 10, and most other combinations. The wattage an amp puts out just has to do with the wattage that the cabinet must be rated for. The range of wattages is really up to you. Choose speakers that you like because wattage rating really is no object in this case.
No problem, remember to post pictures when it is done. I think i'll be moving my firefly to a pcb in the coming months now that i have seen this.