I've been looking at the Peavey 5150 and Bugera amps and I know that these can can handle metal, which I play, but I want to know if it can handle Progressive type things like Coheed and Cambria. So anyone with experience with these amps feel free to help.
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tone is a matter of opinion. you shouldnt try to imitate the stereotypical tone of the genre you intend to play. Obviously you need a certain amount of gain, but any amp that cant achieve those kind of specifics can easily be aided by stompboxes...
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The 5150 sounds A LOT better than the Bugera's, really.
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5150 is pretty harsh sounding for that genre of music..although its mid-heavy which cuts through well
With a $99 Shure SM57 dynamic mic, a $99 PreSonus tube mic preamp, the 5150/6505 sounds f*cking awesome, even through my cheap, bottom-of-the-line, Celestion-filled, Marshall cabs. Then, just play with the amp's EQ, and you can get ALL kinds of metal sounds. These things sound amazing when recorded.
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The 5150 sounds A LOT better than the Bugera's, really.

You've played both eh? Most people who have played both say that the Bugera is pretty much the same, the 5150 is a little better (distortion wise), but the Bugera has better cleans.
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Bugera's blow up.. Known issue... 5150 will last a lifetime generally...

1 person had a cap blow up, and he himself thinks it was his own foolishness and not the amp.

I'd say that's pretty far from "known issue", stop spreading rumours like that.

Edit: If you can get them for about the same price and don't really need good cleans, go for the 5150.
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Bugera [NEW] is 500 dollars and the 5150 [used] is 700? I'd go with the bugera, better cleans than the 5150 imo too.