so i bought a ibanez s470 with a guitarheads active pickup in the bridge. its really good, but thats not the point. when the vendor was installing this pickup, he disabled all other pickups, cos he was afraid that it will burn etc..
but i need the neck humbucker for solos, so..

is it possible to have and use a passive and an active pickup in one guitar without any damage?

tnx in advance.
Yes, but it's a pain in the ass wiring them both up.
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yea, i know. but i have 2 knobs only, and i dont want to have 4 knobs(imagine an s470 with 4 knobs), so here is the setup:
2 volume knobs(for active, and the other for passives) cos i dont need tone(if its all the way down)
3-position switch(1-passive neck;2- passive middle single coil;3-active bridge)

so is it possible to do that
You should be able to do two independant circuits with both volumes by passing the tone control of the pup.

But the passive middle might not work, or at least it will hum as it wont be cancelled.

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Do you really need the middle single coil? You could just leave that disabled, and wire it so it's neck/neck and bridge/bridge.

You could also hook up the neck and middle pickups to a preamp, that should equalize things out with the active bridge pickup.
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