I use a Digitech RP250 multi effects pedal and just got a new amp that has an effects loop. (My old amp didn't have an effects loop so the pedal ran straight to the amp input)

As I understand it there are 3 different ways to connect the Digitech:

a) Run it straight into amp input jack like on the old amp

b) Run the pedal out to the effects return, and pedal in to the effects send, guitar into amp input

c) Run the guitar to the effects input, and effects output on the pedal to the effects return on the amp

I've read that running multi-effects through the effects loop generally sounds better than running straight to the input. (Guessing that using the effects loops put the effects after the amp pre-amp instead of in front but I'm not sure) Any direction as to which is the "best" way to hook up the pedal? Thanks
some effects on it will sound better in the loop, some before the amp

loop if you use lots of modulation and especially delay

i dont think C is wise either
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Thanks. Most of the time I play clean with a little chorus and reverb, I rarely use delay.
Like this guy said ^, it depends on what you are using the pedal for. Particularly if you want to use the amp's preamp or the amp modeling on the pedal. If you want to use the amp's preamp, go with:

Guitar -> amp -> pedal -> amp

If you want to use the amp modeling, go with:

Guitar -> pedal -> amp (effects return, NOT instrument input)

What will probably sound awful is if you use both the amp's preamp and amp modeling together. And as stevo said, some effects sound better before the preamp, but modulation effects like chorus and delay sound better after.
I don't intend to use the amp preamp and pedal amp modeling together. (Didn't have a choice on the old amp, but now I do) I'm going to check out the amp's preamp to see how it sounds uncolored by the pedal, but will probably end up using the pedal amp modeling.

What is the difference between actually looping the pedal through the amp, and just plugging the pedal output into the effects return? I know the amp pre-amp is in the mix in there somewhere but am not sure where it falls in "the chain". Thanks