going blind...heightens ur hearing sense immensly
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This is almost as stupid as when someone thought there might be a UG warehouse where all the tabs are stored.

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Start by doing intervals for a week or two, and then go for easy melodies.

Not that hard to figrue out.
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Get your intervals down pat. This will make transcribing and learning songs by ear MUCH easier. Think of music as a language. Intervals are the words. Licks, riffs, and solos are sentences and monologues.

What would you do if you were trying to learn a new language? You would start off learning some vocab words. Intervals are like this. Get these down and you will be well on your way to learning songs by ear.
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going blind...heightens ur hearing sense immensly

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There is no easy way.....go online and listen to intervals, and see if you can tell how far apart they are without your guitar....keep playing to...I recently only started learning by ear and I have been playing for 6 years.
playing guitar by ear...
does that mean you don't read tabs and learn tabs by hearing or you can play without looking

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it really isnt very easy. you gotta be able to hear a note and then find it on the guitar, which usually takes a lot of playing and getting familiar with the guitar.
I can pick up most easy songs by ear pretty quick and ive never really worked on it, although i do just improv and jam a lot so i know roughly where the sounds are. Sometimes ill sit with my guitar and watch tv, and whenever a song comes on the tv ill try to ear play it, which works out because theyre not usually difficult songs.
Its a pretty easy way to impress people too when they ask if you knew that song and you tell them that you just picked it up by ear
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I used to play by ear, until it got sores on it, so i switched to using a pick.