You are the strength within my hand,
The frail flutter of my rhythmless heart.
Brain's edge crumbles under the mediumless
Digestive fluids; an ad hoc game of
Chess. Good and evil, it's all contextual.
It can be just for darkness to triumph in
This dog-eat-dog maw. Don't get me wrong,
I still side with white every time. Evil
strikes first. Savagely, but with perfectly
Just motives. Principles used like a
Sponge, soaking up anything and everything
in the way of contextual justice.

Never did see much in Christmas.

There you go, all I've got to say is that the last line's a reference to the time it was written (last christmas day).

Crit for crit, please. =P
Let me start of by saying, I'm not really sure how the title connects with the piece. Anyways, I I like the theme you used and I thought that the chess imagery really helped to enhance the piece. You had some nice lines in here like "Good and evil, it's all contextual" and "I still side with white every time". I think the biggest thing holding this piece back was the structure. Some of the line breaks seemed really awkward and it made it difficult to read. Other than that, this piece was good. Nice job, man.

Crit mine please
God's Bull