Not sure if this is in the right forum or not, sorry if it isn't :s
When I play any of the strings open or fretting any of the first few frets, the string is rattling really badly.
I know this is because its vibrating against the frets, and that I've gotta adjust the string height, but I've got no clue how
I can't seem to find any decent articles on this on the internet
My guitar's a Schecter Omen 6 FR, you can see a picture of it here:
PS: If you know of any good sites/videos/whatever that'll help me, please post them too
hey dave, there are two screws on your floyd rose on either side close to the first pickup, you have to take an allen wrench that fits those screws and "unscrew" them. this will raise the bridge. however you shouldn't have to unscrew them too far, if you do your bridge will shoot right out.

If it takes more than a couple turns of both screws to correct the problem, then the truss rod probably needs to be loosened. The truss rod is under the little plate on your headstock, and its probably yet again an allen wrench slot. Just turn it so that you feel it loosening. Do it slowly, and if it becomes fully slack and the strings are still vibrating you'll need to take it to the shop to get fixed. It may take a combination of loosening the truss rod and raising the bridge, so be patient =)