Hey im 15 and im getting kinda bored with just practicing and want to join band. looking for people that are close if ur interested pm me.

I forgot to mention that i have my own gear.
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where exactly do you consider mid-michigan?
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i live in vassar id have to look and see where portland is. ive been playing guitar for about a year. i like rush, randy rhoads, satriani, SRV, guns n roses, metallica, van halen and the like. what are your influences and how long u been playing?
ive been playing for about 2 years now and my influences are alot like the bands that you like and some more punk and metal. so its a pretty big range
I am in White Lake. Map Quest that. I am into metallica, megadeth, dream theater, anthrax and other stuff like that.

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I'm up in Twining, about a half hour north of Bay City...how long have you been playing?
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the music is ok but i don't know about detroit thats even farther from me than the other 2 places.
i live by lansing. anyone close to me? i like weezer modest mouse radiohead breaking benjamin atreyu shinedown SRV and others. pretty much ne thing except screamo hardcore and emo.
hey stitches, wher do you live? How old are you and how long have you been playing?