so i just sanded down my cheap strat copy and was thinking of what color(s) to repaint it when someone told me that if you mess up painting it you can affect its tonality(sp?) is that true? it doesnt really matter because it sounded like **** anyway but if it does affect how it sounds it will make me think twice before doing it again
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It shouldn't affect the tone unless you get paint on your pickups/neck or unless you glob it onto the body.

Post some pics!
Messing up paint won't, but thick lacquers will. A thick layer of lacquer on the surface of your guitar gives the same effect as a very thin maple cap - and we're talking VERY thin. You won't notice a difference.
I cant see how a finish would ever effect tone.

(as long as we are talking traditional finishes applied in traditional ways, not melting down iron and painting your guitar with that)

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