I have the starting phases of tendinitis in my left arm. More specifically in the higher part near the shoulder and on the side of my forearm. I can't play my guitar for another week in which I'll try to get an appointment with a physiotherapist who should tell me how long I can or can't play.

Luckily enough I don't think my tendinitis is chronic(not permanent yet) but it could become if I strain my arm any more.

It's not the best time to get it really. The band I got in have just found a place to rehearse where we can all get to easily(we live far apart) and in the last term in the Conservatory I got full marks for guitar.

If the tendinitis does become chronic, I can pretty much forget about playing at a high professional level and if it gets bad I might even have to stop studying the guitar for quite a while...

So, I'm in a great mood.
Just take it easy bud. Tendonitis is quite simply an overuse injury. I wouldn't play again until you see the doctor. Unfortunately, time is the best solution. The physical therapist should be able to help you strengthen things up and you'll be better in no time.

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yeah me too, its been like 5 months, my advice is get a new hobby for a while, dont drink alcohol, take vitamin E and tylenol even if it doesnt hurt

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Sorry to hear it man. I hope you'll be able to spend some time with your music again soon.

I dunno what I'd do with myself if I coulden't play
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i know it's gonna be hard, but you can get through without playing, think of the greater good, you dont wanna **** your arm up any worse.

use this time to educate yourself even more with music theory articles, then apply what you have learned when you get back to playing.

good luck man
Stopping for a week or too will be nowhere as bad as stopping forever. So i would give it a rest and continue after you see the doctor and when he says its ok.

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