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Switches genres a lot. I didn't know what to call it so I'll just say it's progressive.

Edit: I always forget to mention this: the solos arn't final, they're just there to fill in space for now.
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

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"I didn't know what to call it"

Well, I know - A BTBAM-clone.
And not necessarily a bad one at that, if you make it less obvious. Drop the silly intro, for example. It doesn't add anything to the rest of the piece and doesn't tie in as well as the break in "Ants of the Sky", your inspiration, I assume.
Intro 2, A and B were nice, but sad to see you're also taking up some of the bad habits of BTBAM, that is never playing the good parts again, instead drowning every reasonable musical thread in a riff-salad for the sake of "progressive"ness. I'd drop the rather generic metalcore parts C and D, and rather expand riff B to cover that area. The rest of the parts are fine in themselves. I'd maybe do a little fine-tuning here and there, small stuff too tedious to convey in words now.

Would also be nice to hear a recorded version, it'd probably sound more impressive live. Tape it, so I don't have to do it myself. ^^
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Hmm. I like it. I agree with Ailes; the first intro doesn't fit very well. I liked intro 2 a lot.
Part A sounded pretty good. I think the rhythm could use some work. Straight 16th notes aren't very entertaining.
Part B didn't seem to fit.
I'm not sure about Part F. The chord progression sounded awkward, and the rhythm was bland, in my opinion.
The transition part wasn't a great transition, to be honest. It just kind of jumped in there.
The Chorus. Again with straight 16th notes. It just doesn't do much. And the lead part was almost annoying, to be honest. I think a slower lead would be better. Like, longer notes, with vibrato and bending would probably do well there.

The rest I liked. Loved G and H. I definitely wanted to start moshing. The outro was awesome. I'm a sucker for harmonizing though.

Great work overall, though. I'm assuming this is your band. In which case, keep f*cking rocking. You're definitely on a good path.
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Well Unlike the other people up there, I like the intros ( both of them ) and most of the time melodies were used, but the br00tal part dint do it for me(But they're MIDI ,it will sound better on real instrument) . The clean part was cool, but could have been longer and more complex, and the solo should be extended for a good climax.

Its still a prety good song and il rate it at least 7.5/10
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yeah. a bit of a BTBAM riff salad. That said I thought it was good.

The thing with parts C and D is that I think they're suffering from a case of disorganised drums. You could get rid of the whole section which may make the song tie together better, but I think if you really want to keep that bit then work on the drums so as to make it not sooooo uhmmm stuttery ya know.

Now the E section I thought was pure gold. More of that and less of the brutal heavy parts and I think you might be on to a winner.