I already own a Zoom B2.1U pedal, I'm thinking about getting a new one, But I don't know which to get. Im looking for one at a good Price, No more than about £160 - £200, With good sound and a Possibe USB. Thankyou
But don't trust their reviews. They are the people seilling the product, so are likely to delete overly critiacal feedback. Also, most people reviewing will be in the 'new toy 'mode, so will be unable to be picky and point out potententially glaring flaws in it.

Try Harmony Central and read their reviews.
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tough call if the korg pandora would be any upgrade from the zoom

do they make the boss GT-8 in bass format? ( i guess it'd be a BT-8)

lately i've been finding GT-8's for like $200 CAD in shops everywhere.. probably lowering their prices to move them out for the new GT-10.

what i'm saying is that you could probably find a the bass version for good and cheap as well.
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I think they skipped from GT-6B to GT-10B. Victor Wooten uses the GT-6B, if that's worth anything, although I don't know how it's been reviewed on Harmony Central. I would avoid any multi-effect that's under $400 new (and that's a very arbitrary number), just to make sure that you get something that sounds good and that you'll want to keep. There's no point in spending $200, deciding the sound isn't good enough, and then spending another $400.
BOSS ME-50 B is about £160-200 new, depending on where you get it. I've never heard anything bad said about it's sound, but mine hasn't arrived yet, so I can't really comment on it. I'm sure someone else can, though.

Don't get Digitech, though...I've got a BP-80, and can thoroughly back up what the person above said. Don't think about economising, you'll just regret it in the long run.