I haven't post much here for a while and I know you all enjoy a build thread.

So here's the specs:

1 piece silky oak body
spalted maple top
maple neck
ebony fretboard


I now going to pick out a neck and fretboard out of my "stash" and get started on the neck.

That looks great, love the maple
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That's a nice piece of spalted maple you have there!
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What pickups are you planning on using?
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That maple looks amazing.
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That is a gorgeous top. I'd put a birdseye maple neck on, no inlays. Will it be, ah, for sale?
Love spalt!

Cant wait to see how this pans out

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What pickups are you planning on using?

Dunno, I'll decide closer to finishing.They'll most likely be stewmacs goldenage age humbuckers or some I wind myself.

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That is a gorgeous top. I'd put a birdseye maple neck on, no inlays. Will it be, ah, for sale?

I'm not the biggest fan of Birdseye necks, this one will be plain maple, ebony fretboard with either no inlays or a design at the twelfth fret.
This guitar isn't for sale, It is already destined for someone, but they don't know it yet

For the finish on this guitar it's going to be trans red with a subtle burst.

If you like that top, your going to love my next build. It's an SG with a few tweaks with this one piece body
Some updates:

Still need to route electronics cavity deeper and cut recess for cover.

I'm still debating what I should do for inlays (dots?, design?, none?) and whether I should do a more straty neck or superstrat (scarf joint, pointier headstock, etc)

I like it.

Just out of interest, how punky is that spalted maple? I got some for a V and an Explorer but it was too far gone really.
This top is pretty solid, it only had a few cracks i had to repair before joining. Apart from that it's been pretty easy to work with.