I am thinking of getting an Edwards because the LTD Alexi's are a waste of my time. I have a few questions. I already know the quality is great, but where are they made exactly, and what sites ship them to North America and how much is shipping and all the other costs (taxes etc.) I am going to get one of the two listed below:


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hmmm i want to say fujigen but i dont think so, should say on the edwards site, also why those two? look at the RV series

No thanks, I want these ones.
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well outta those, for the love of god, DO NOT get the pink one, it will not make you look "more metal"
unless your a chick of course, then feel free to get a pink one
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ok but you r just screwing yourself over with getting 1 p/u and alexis name on your guitar
o and ishibashi ship to US

No I am not. I only want one pickup, and I don't care about signature guitars. If I like a guitar, I will buy it regardless if it is a signature. I don't care for the Edwards RV.
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Try guitarjapan.com

They don't list those guitars on their site, but I'm pretty sure if you email them and ask they will order any Edwards guitar and work out a nice deal and ship it to you. If they don't work out, try ishibashi.co.jp
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