Artcores are excellent, good sound, excellent overall quality, expecially on the Artcore customs, you'll have a hard time finding any flaws on these.
Wait a second, I'll edit this post and hook you up with a link.

Here it is, the AS103-NT (Artcore Custom) The whole body is made of flamed maple. The pic here hardly does it justice, it's a stunning beauty.
Price is in €, should be slightly more in $:

And because I'm a big Yamaha fan, take a look at this:

The colour is a little weird in that pic, a former bandmate of mine has one of these and it was somewhat darker. Just as good quality wise as the Ibanez, but far more versatile. It is by far the most versatile guitar I have played in my life. It covers the typical areas a semi acoustic covers; blues, r'n'r, anything clean - but strangely it even works fine for hard rock and metal (Maiden sort of metal, not death metal or anything that's comparable tonewise).
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love artcores <3

none of them are particularly bad, but theyre all quite different, so it really depends on what you're after.
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that artcore from thonmann is beautiful.

but i dont have £500
i was thinking more £300 -400 max

id prefer to stay more around 350.