This RG550 is in great condition and comes with the matching case that is also in great condition. It has all the picks, papers, strap, etc. that came with it. Im looking for 900+shipping. I would prefer MO, but I will also accept paypal.

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how much !?!?!

That's what I thought. These sell around $700, and most people here won't pay that when they can run out and get an original (and arguably better) one for 400ish.
If you're serious about selling it, you'll have to come down in price. I almost bought an RG550 20th Ann. in road flare red, just like yours, for $750 new. It was the last one the shop had in stock.

Good luck with the sale.
It is a tad higher than they are going for on ebay. They have been selling for 850-1000 on the bay, most at 850. I do not know where you can get one for 750. I dont want to seem rude, but please dont come in here and complain about price. I am in no hurry to sell this.
first off price is a little high but pretty close to what most are second where do you live is there any way I could buy that by local pickup I realy don't like to ship.
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I sent you a PM, and I will accept local pickup. Lemme know. I am near Cleveland OH.