I am wanting to buy a new guitar but not sure which one to get. The i have at the moment is a Peavey generation EXP like in the pic http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/peavey-generation-exp/10156, its ok but nothing special. I havent been playing guitar for long about 6 months and only really play green day as it is good for starters. I am starting to learn blink 182 and sum 41 songs now which all sound pretty similar.
What sort of guitar (under £250) would be best for playing green days recent music, american idiot and there old, dookie. I will eventually learn different and more differcult music like metallica but as i still sort of a beginner im gunna stick will the easier music.
I was looking at a Gibson les paul standard guitar because i was told that was what billie joe used to record american idiot . Would this be a good guitar for playing their current and could i still get a good sound to play green days old stuff? I know he uses a fender Stratocaster for his earlier music but is this much different from my current guitar because it looks quite similar?
Any suggestions?
no offense, but you have been playing 6 monthes. you do not need a new guitar. unless youre loaded, this would be idiotic. I've been playing two years with the same $100 guitar and it works fine. what you need are effect pedals. if u wanna sound like green day, buy a distortion pedal. I'd recommend buying the Digitech Grunge pedal and the Digitech Multi-Chorus pedal. a digitech pedal costs about $50 bucks a pop for a good price. Dont waste money on a guitar yet. wait about two years when u actually know what youre talking about. I aint an expert but you just said somethign under 250 and a gibson will blow you outta the ocean with prices. Plus, u said a strat looks similar is it the same thing? no, looks typically have minor influence on the actual output of a guitar. Good look with the pedals, sorry if i seemed like an ass, i had a similar problem when i was your experience though.
Only problem about the gibson LP Standard is that it'll cost you at least 1500 bucks if you buy a new one. The only guitars that are somewhat like it and in your price range are the Epiphone LP Studio and Epiphone SG.

Take a look at them at www.epiphone.com

If you are looking for the SOUND of Green Day and other punk rock bands, you should rather invest in a new amp, that'll get you a far bigger sound improvement than a new guitar. In your price range the only decent amps I can think of are the Vox Valvetronix, you should be able to aford at least the 30 watt version, if not the 50 watt one. Note that the prices are in €, but do the math and you'll see it should work out.
Troche041: Ye thanks u made a good point. There were two reasons i wanted a new one really, better sound and my current one is my brothers and wants it back. Getting a pedal or something is a good idea cheers!!!!
I not an expert but i was looking up les paul standards and found one for £177 but i guess this is some sort of basic one????
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Troche041: Ye thanks u made a good point. There were two reasons i wanted a new one really, better sound and my current one is my brothers and wants it back. Getting a pedal or something is a good idea cheers!!!!
I not an expert but i was looking up les paul standards and found one for £177 but i guess this is some sort of basic one????

1.It is not a real gibson.
2.It is probably not even an epiphone.
3.If you are lucky it's an Agile, but we can't be sure.

Can you post a link to it or tell us the manufacturers name? Without a name, we can't really tell you much about it.
About effects pedals: They are nice if you have a decent guitar and amp already. If you buy a bunch of pedals you will notice that you'd have achieved more concerning soundquality if you just had bought a new amp.
Don't get me wrong - pedals can sound excellent, but they won't through a cheap beginners amp and guitar.
Amp wise all i know is by looking on the front of it and it says, Marshall MG series 15CDR, sorry dont know anything else. I personally think it is a pretty good one.
If i was to get a pedal (probably the better solution) do u think i should buy two, one for the older green day more punky and one for more recent green day distortion effect????
I was thinking about the name of the guitar you were looking at.
When it comes to the Marshall MG.........most people on this site will tell it's horrible. I don't think it's all crap, but it's not good either. Effects won't make it sound much better, it'll simoly be different. A different shade of mediocricy, if you pardon the phrase.
I still think that you will achieve far better results with an amp change. Take a look at the links I posted in my first post. If your current amp is loud enough for you, look at the 15 watts version of the amp ( www.voxamps.co.uk ).
It covers all Green Day, Sum41 and Blink182 sounds among many many many others.....

Sorry if this is not what you'd LIKE to here, but it's what I consider correct.

EDIT: About the guitar:
It has some positive and some negative aspects.
It is made of decent wood (usually) and craftsmanship is good as well (usually).
Only problem is that in some cases the quality control over at Epiphone is not too picky. So sometimes an LP100 will be made of crappy wood and will be built poorly, so you should NEVER buy it off the internet, as you can't try it out over the internet. If you want one of those, I strongly recommend going to a store and trying out the particular one which you want to buy.
Another problem are the pickups. They sound horribly muddy, you won't get a good punk rock sound out of those (not to say you won't get any good sound out of them).
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Cheers ye that does help!!!
How will a new amp be better than an effect pedal tho? (sorry dont have much idea)
Also the Digitech Grunge pedal seemed to make a very good old green day noise (from the audio play off the website). For the more recent stuff would the boss ds-1 pedal be any good?
Judging from internet sound clips is hard, because it always sounds a lot different than what you hear in real life, so your best bet will be going to a store and trying the pedals out (just ask a sales guy if you are allowed to do so, don't just go and take them from the shelve).
I have never tried said pedals myself, but I hear a lot of UGers ripping on the ds1's, saying they bought them when they started out but that they don't like their sound anymore. The ds1 will give you a more 'metal' sound, I believe, so it may not be the best choice for a green day sound, the digitech should be better in this case.
Marshall and Ibanez make some good stomp boxes as well, they are pretty popular too, maybe check them out, too.

Whatever you buy, make sure you tried it out. So don't buy stuff off the internet, but go to a local music store. Bring your own guitar when trying out effects and use a marshall mg series amp in the store (they are quite common, each store has a few of them). That's because you want to know what the pedals sound like with YOUR gear, not some high end stuff the sales guys might plug in for you.

As I said, I think you'd be better off with a new amp, but if pedals are the way to go for you, than that's entirely your decision. I just suggest you try out both. The Valvetronix is just as common as the MG, so finding one should not be a problem. If after trying out both you still prefer the pedals, buy them.
Oh rite so getting pedals with the amp i already have might not get the sound i want then?
Looking at the links u put up before the 30 watt amp
( http://www.thomann.de/gb/vox_ad30vt_valvetronix_gitarrencombo.htm) is probably the one that i can afford the other one is abou £350, bit too much for me.
Why would this amp be better than my other amp?(in terms of watt and quality for the sound i want)
Im still abit comfused because although i would prefer getting pedals rather than a new amp, from the imformation that you are telling me getting a new amp would be just as good if not better than getting pedals, am i right?
the epi lp-100 if you get a good one it wil be great and when your getting better a pup change wil make it perfect and the amp the vox vt is good But Whatever you do DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BUY A SPIDER III and keep leerning punk stuff its great beginners stuff
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I hate to recommend this but what about a Epiphone Les Paul Special II or Epiphone SG Special II.


There it is on musicians friend but that is normally cheaper than real life so yeah. Also the amp is wayyyyyy more to do with your tone than your guitar but I understand that it is your brother's guitar.
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To the guy lookign at the DS-1 its a waste of 50 bucks get a digitech grunge pedal...110% better pedal
Im planning on gettin a new amp or pedal in the next few days now. Just to settle it do u guys think that a pedal wouldnt get a good sound with my current amp and it would just be better if i bought an new amp? Also should i get a pedal with the new amp (if i get one) aswel or wait a while until i discover whether my amp gets the sound i want?
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To the guy lookign at the DS-1 its a waste of 50 bucks get a digitech grunge pedal...110% better pedal

A new amp will bring a waaayyyy bigger increase in sound quality. Just try it out and see for yourself.
If you go for the Vox Valvetronix you won't need an additional pedal, as the amp has several excellent overdrive and distortion sounds as well as various effects already. But if you have any money left, get the Vox footswitch so you can access all of it's functions with your feet.
^^I'm pretty sure effects pedals will sound better with a new amp (if the amp is an upgrade of course from your current amp)
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They didnt have any of the vox amps but the shop guy suggested another amp a Roland cube 60, i tried it out and thought it was just what i wanted so i got it. cheers for all your help. now having alot of fun with the new amp