Hey guys, i have this Line 6 Spider 3 150 watt combo, thats good until you crank it past 12 o clock. So i'm gonna put it up on ebay.

I've heard Orange amps are great but haven't played one myself as music stores in my area dont carry Orange. Do they get good crunch? Are they good for rhythm work? Would the be good for Alt Rock, Indie Rock kind of stuff?

Anybody have a video of them playing one doing some rhythm stuff? thanks.
orange amps are incredible. they've got a great crunch.

search videos on youtube
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they're amazing amps, i don't have one, but two of my friends do, and orange makes teh best cabs on this planet
they get really good crunch, good for any genre really
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i have a friend who only plays the indie style an she likes it alot an they sound great if you ask me
They are one word: orgasmic. (the tube ones.) And the solid state Crush is far and away the best solid state amp under $300.
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i rly wish they stocked them near me i need a portable tube amp so much, also to see what heavy tones are like
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