seems like these 2 positions crap out rather frequently. my amp started to fizzle and pop and hiss. then it'll calm down a little, then surge back. i just did the little tap-test and i can hear the clink. but i don't use my amp all that often and i just changed these 2 tubes a few months ago.
what gives?
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well, preamp tubes will make noise when tapped, especially the input tube. It's the power tubes that aren't supposed to make any noise when tapped. However, your symptoms do sound like a bad preamp tube. They should last at least a year or two before you notice anything audible, depending on use. Normally they are changed every other time from the power tubes. A tube can go bad anytime though, it's an old technology, they can last 5 minutes or 5 years. If you have more than one channel, is it happening on all channels?
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I can tell you when i got my amp a few of the preamp tubes were out that coincided with the series and parallel effects loop. I replaced them and my amp and effects were louder.

I have no idea....i dont think i helped at all.