wondering if someone could help me finding some chords that go with the first 2 I have here. thanks alot!
I have a capo on 2

2---0- and i cant figure out chords to go after those two. cuz I new at guitar ::P
-0---2----- ?
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let the first one (-022002-) be a Emadd9, the second chord (-332030-) be a Cadd9, with a redundant /G .

If you were to play the second C-chord like this: (-x32033-), that means with a G-note on top, you can connect this with a nice voicelead into a normal G major chord (-320033-), and finish things up with a B7 (-x21202-) before going back to your starting Em-Chord.
The Em-C-G-B7 (i-VI-III-V7) is a fairly standart chordprogression, if you'll play it you will recognize it instantly, and it's strong appeal (dominant pull + nice voiceleading in the chordshapes).
A minor, D major or any of their substitiutions will also do nicely (you're in the Key of E minor after all).
thanks alot! this stuff kinda makes sense.
but im new a guitar theory . and some of this is advanced for me hah.
but thanks for the help;.