Swahili Suicides

Define definition and circumcise your decision,
Bad nightmare superstition and deathly premonition,
Revolution is revolutionary as in sperm to an ovary,
Pipe dreams, silver screens and onset frailty.

Define expedition and travel roads of ambition,
Good dream superstition and delightful contradiction,
Revolution is hereditary as in Zapatistas to capitalism,
A distant idea which is as good as a lost anachronism.

Nothing but one step follows a stumble as he glides,
Feeling marginalised by this spate of virgin suicides,
Live to fuck and give a fuck about fucking, oh what a fucked up loss,
Like everything else, honour it or give a toss.

Recoup this malignant paradox,
Almost as clichéd as black men with big cocks,
Don’t be so verbose in your analysis,
It’s getting you wetter than an hour of dyalisis,

In conclusion, the idiosyncracies flow freely,
Free as a moribund contradiction,
Watch me change the pattern like English to Swahili
This is a story of fiction.