hey guys at UG what is your favorite chuck norris joke mine is : one time at the set of walker texas ranger there was a dead lamb and chuck norris picked him up and nuzzled it in his beard and it came back to life, then in one fatal swoop he roundhouse kicked it and it died again. one of the guys at the set said: "i guess its true, the chuck giveth and the chuck taketh away"
Chuck Norris can slam a revolvong door! thats my fave
i'd tap that .........speaking to a bass, its a music joke!

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Chuck Norris can slam a revolvong door! thats my fave

lol, revolvong door...
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There was a thread about this like one week ago. Seriously, learn to use the goddamn search bar. Besides, Chuck Norris jokes aren't even funny anymore.
What happened when Chuck Norris fought the Koala?

It clawed his eyes out cause he is a pussy.
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What happened to Snake?




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