this suddle breeze
makes it a struggle to breathe
utter insecurity
lock the castle doors

these strong walls
don't seem so
sterdy any more

(any more)then you'll ever trust me
just one slight adjustment
then maybe
we can leave

toss the key
we were never here
set fire to the alter
we will never hear
Gods crys

another page torn from the book
another chapter undone
set fire and run

Please leave some comments..let me know your listening
Last edited by bigbirdfan at Apr 4, 2008,
Your spelling is abysmal.

I like the lyrics, though. Is there more you're working on, or is that it for this?
Every time you sit down to "practice" without a metronome, God kills a kitten.
Spelling, poor. However the lyrics are pretty decent - certainly not my kind of thing but i get the point of the song entirely, which is the whole point of the thing really.