Me n my other two friends have recently gotten into guitars, and I've been playing bass for about 3 months, and they have for about 6. We can play Otherside - RHCP. You know an easy starter song, and we're working on some other ones. WE wanted to play in front of the school for a concert BUT we don't have a drummer.

Is there some program that has the drums into it, n u plug into the speakers and you can play along with it? If you change the settings on the .mid of the song and play it will you only hear the drums?

thanks for all you help
why dn't you just find the drums to the song and stick it on a cd and play it on the player at the concert n the backround. just make it very loud.
Acoustica Beatcraft.

You have to write all the drums yourself, export as an MP3, and then stick it on your iPod.
god no, no acoustica. its good for free but i wouldn't do that. check out ezdrummer/drumkit from hell. if you want to know how good it sounds listen to the song on my profile.

'the day god was born'

i haven't found anything that comes close to its level of realism. of course you'll need a vst interface like fruity loops or acid.

Its kind of an old program with sort of a tough learning curve.. but its simplicity makes it surprisingly flexible.

It doesn' come with its own samples so you'll need to create your own.. but again that leaves to get the highest quality sound you can make.

I live by this program, and all the drums in MY songs were done using it. Check them out in my profile if you're not convinced.

best of all. its FREE!
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