Heh he is pretty funny the monarchy can keep going as long as he makes his gaffs such as to british students in china

'dont stay here too long you'll become all slitty eyed'

I wonder if he has any doctors who are not Upper class male and caucasian.
Read it this morning, and still don't care.
The will to neither strive nor cry,
The power to feel with others give.
Calm, calm me more; nor let me die
Before I have begun to live.

-Matthew Arnold

Arguments are to be avoided; they are always vulgar and often convincing.
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Read it this morning, and still don't care.

im not saying i care whether he lives or not but his bigoted blue nosed views are amusing.
Troll be gone
Populus vult decipi. Decipiatur.

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It's can be a contraction and genitive case.

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If you cut down on these costs students won't learn so well, effecting the "quality"...