I dont have one but its what im saving for.
For me the specs are to die for.
Ive played a hellraiser before but not one with an FR.
And id say if you dont have experience with restringing an FR or any vibrato system for that matter either buy a cheap guitar with one so you can get the feel for it or ask some one (a friend or someone at your local guitar store) if you can restring one. And if yoru willing to go through all that each time you break a string then go for it.
That or take it to your guitar store and have them do it. Most only make you pay for the new string.
Yes and yes. There really isn't any thing else that has that good a spec. for the price..its awsome!! BUY IT!! of course, depends what style of music you play. Handles metal nicely!!
make sure you play one to see if you get on with the neck. If you end up liking it, they make some fantastic guitars for the loot.
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Quote by convictionless
are the necks like jacksons or prestige ibanezes
More inbetween those and strats imo. They aren't a super skinny neck like an Ibanez.
"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wiseman knows himself to be a fool." - W.S.
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the necks are more like a strat

some ppl say les paul style but its close to the neck on my dads american strat imo

i have an rg in my basement that is my other guitarists and i like both style of necks but its not a huge deal to me on difference but i have huge hands so yeah

btw i would say yes
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perhaps i have a superb epiphone. the japanese man must have gotten laid and won the lottery right before he made my guitar. whatever.
I have the non trem version and its amazing, i tried many guitars for hours at guitar center and this is (in my opinion) the best metal guitar for under a grand. It's got a pretty thick neck, but it never has felt too big, also, the frets are rather large, but thats fine for drop tuning and power cords. The emgs are great for overdriving tubes. Another plus is the set neck that looks like a thru, it has the warmer qualities of a set neck(kinda les paul like) but its super smooth so it allows you to reach the upper fretts. i know your interested in the fr version and i have played guitars with official floyd roses on them, and they play great. the only reason i didnt buy it was i was a little short on money, and i didnt really want to hassle with the whole floyd thing, but overall, its a great guitar for the money.
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Id say a definite yes!
I have an old omen-6 I got for my first guitar and it still plays smooth. I have played a c1, not the FR, but it was a great player.
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