Now bare with me, the transitions aren't as good as I want them to be but most of the other parts are how I want them to be. There are no drums because I can't make them well. The whole thing needs to be polished a bit but, C4C, and suggestions are very welcomed.

Edit:I changed it a bit to get it closer to where I want it.
Cukoo Newest.zip
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Word? I got it from a goose bumps book..lol

that's what all their songs are. titles of goosebumps books.

anyway, I could've sworn you posted this before
there's some cool ideas in here, but it's organized super poorly, imo
when i have the time, i want to try to tackle your ideas, and do it the way i do it, kind of a hands on crit. take it how you want.
but yeah, some cool riffs and ideas, but i dunno about the song in total.
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The first piano stuff, and the intervals with the guitar really reminds me about Dream Theater.
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I agree with Mastodon.. You have some good ideas. But like you said, you need to polish it up and make smooth transitions. Drums would help a lot as well.
Thanks everyone, I have posted this before but a lot was changed. And I am going to work on the transitions and such. Maybe I'll change the name...is was kind of a joke anyways. And I'm not to awesome with drums but I'll try. And any crits wanted?
Its was good. I've seen this sort of genre of music with piano breaks and such in it spring up recently, its nice. Kinda interesting and different. Yeah theres the whole transitions things, definately something that needs to be cleared up otherwise no avid music listener will be able to latch onto any kind of continuity. Well ... I know what I mean anyway ... sorry if I'm too confusing lol.

And on the drums front. The only way you'll get better at it is to practice and write of them anyway, rather than putting the track in there and saying I'm not doing it cus I'm crap at it... or whatever.

After cleaning up this will be pretty awesome, especialy on real instruments.
Good job.


EDIT: Now I think about it. Mines not that different to this genre wise.. just on a much lighter route I think lol