I was at GC today looking at tube amps. I want to eventually upgrade from my VoxAD30VT. I was told by a salesman that you can't use headphones with a tube amp. Is that right? Are there ANY good tube amps that work with headphones?

(I sometimes can only prcatice very late at night and playing loud through headphones beats playing super quite through the amp's speaker)

I've never seen a tube amp with a headphone outlet. In order to work properly the speaker needs to be loaded. Just keep your AD30 when you buy a tube amp so you have something to practice with. After all, practicing IS the purpose of the AD line of amps anyway.


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yea the head heads a load, now i think theres a device you can use in place of a cab to keep a load and then you could wire in some kind of headphone jack but if you play mostly with headphones or just want to practice, get a picket pod.

tube amps are for live, loud, and recording situations...
Most tube amps have recording outs, though. You can get a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter, plug it into the recording out, plug your headphones into that, then hope your amp has a mute button for the speaker like mine does.
Specically, I'm interested in a Peavy Classic 30.

Does anyone know if I can use headphones (through the adapter) and will the main speaker cut out when I do?

The Peavey Royal 8 has a headphone socket.

And that Weber adapter WILL wear your tubes i you have a 16 ohm amplifier.
My Boogie has a headphone out, but it takes the signal directly from the preamp section and only works if the speaker mute switch is on. Not worth it, personally.

For late-night practice I recommend Guitar Combos (or Guitar Rig/Amplitube if you've got the cash) so you can use your PC speakers or headphones as normal.
I plugged my headphones into the line out, turned down the master, and controlled it with the channel volume. Never tried it with any other amps.
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