so. im pretty bad at singing. i try and practice but, i still suck. what are some methods to imrove to where i can sing in front of a group of people. im almost 16. so. my voice is developed. i cant hit those low notes very well, and i couldnt carry a high note in a bucket. so.
Try matching pitches with your guitar and train your voice to recognize the notes.

Also, if you have a piano, it would probably be better to use that.
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just like anything it has to be practiced.

vocals are really tough to keep on top of for me.. i find if i let my practice slide then my vocals REALLY suffer..

learning pitches is something you kinda need to train in your brain. Hitting those pitches is something thats needs to be trained with constant practice. Just keep going the route your going. i'm sure you won't get worse!
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i try to sing in harmony with various songs, find some that are in your range and try to match the pitch of the singer.
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