Hey all, knocked this together in about 20 minutes the other day - a bit generic but generally I'm pleased with how it came out.

It's based on a powerful bluesy ballad - helps if you think of Need Your Love So Bad by Fleetwood Mac, Asking Around For You by Joe Bonamassa, or Naked Flame by BBM. Incidentally they're all bloody good songs, if you haven't heard them I suggest you do so at once...

Callin' Out Your Name


I've been tryin'
To reach you on the phone
I've been tryin'
To talk to you at home
But when we meet again
Baby, I won't be the same
With these little words
I need to say

Sometimes I can feel
My fingers running through your hair
Sometimes in my dreams
I still see you standing there
Lyin' in my bed at night
As shadows claim the light
There's so much more
I've got to say


And as the rain falls free
I'm standing in the street
Callin' out your name


What use is a man,
Without a woman who believes in him?
And if I take your hand
Can you teach me to believe again?
I want nothing more
Than to go through that door
And speak those words
I need to say


And as the rain falls free
I'm standing in the street
Callin' out your name


I know it's been a long hard road
For you, and I can't ever know
Why you said those things to me, but baby
I can't hold out on my own



And where the heavens meet,
Lord that's where I'm gonna be,
I'm gonna make my mark
And I won't ever leave
But now the rain falls free
I'm standing in the street,
Callin' out your name.

As ever, my band's reaction was little more than a noncommital grunt - so any suggestions, changes, alterations, criticisms, revisions, additions, annotations, observations, subtractions, long divisions, and indeed anything else ending in 'ions' would be most welcome. Hope you guys like it.