its my extremley poorly done but highly effective Anti-PETA picture =P

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Me too man, I cant remember ever actually laughing out loud for ages due to the internet, omegasus is just....hes just awesome

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I'm pretty sure guys don't get breast cancer.
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what the heck is peta?

a cult highly obsessed with vegetarianism.
clapping like crazy*
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Ewww the searchbar is a slut, it gets used everyday...

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The brain says "hey, lets be friends" and the dick says "hey, lets get those clothes off, eh?"

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Yeaaaaaah, Huuuuuhuuuu, Saaaaaaah and MASTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR are all Hetfield memes.
i approve of this
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Uh oh......you just had to go and piss off danielrobbyshor, now we're all ****ed.

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How can an orgy be 'Nazi-style'? What did he stop halfway through and incinerate a jew?
I'm not a PETA fan (I'm a vegetarian and am all for humane treatment of animals but they are so over the top with it.. ugh) but that was terrible.
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it's official, vintage x metal is the saving grace of this board and/or the antichrist

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& alaskan_ninja

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a cult highly obsessed with vegetarianism.

Thats the 1st time I've herd PETA be discribed as a cult, yet it fits so well.

*Waiting in place for Veggie extreamists*


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You keep seeing songs like KoC, SMBH, and Hysteria showing up on games, but I want Micro Cuts on either Rock Band or Sing Star. I want to see numerous masses of kids staring at the tv wondering what the hell they're supposed to do.
This is how you properly say it.

Hi, I'm Floppypick and I approve this message.
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You are god, floppypick


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