hey everyone i am looking to buy a multi-effects pedal. i currently have a few in mind that i found used. i only looking to spend like $100-150.

Line 6 POD 2.0 - $100
Digitech RP300A - $100
Zoom 606 - $60
Korg Toneworks AX1G - $110

i like the fact that the digitech, zoom and korg all have an expression pedal. so can someone please give me thier opinion on which one is better and that i should buy. thanks
yeah cheap multi effects is an alright place to start, but dont pretend they are the shin dig of the world, just remember in time once you save up more funds id advice to get a better multi effect pedal but the two suggested is a godo place to start
Well, the POD isn't an fx processor - it's an amp modeler, so you'd wanna skip that. I've had good experiences with Korg and Digitech - definatley go with the expression pedal if you can get it, even if it's a cheapo to start with. Honestly, if you'r eserious about playin, i'd advise savin up 400 or so for a POD XT Live or a BOSS GT8. That's jus tmy take, though.
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thanks for all the input. i listed the above pedals b/c i found them used on craigslist.