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It was amazing, best EVAR
18 15%
It was....Good
41 34%
it was decent, could have been alot better
44 36%
19 16%
Voters: 122.

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Roger Waters and The Allman Brothers Band were awesome, but the other 73 days were boring.
I'm going to give it a 4/5.
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Mine was absolutely horrible, worst summer of my life.

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I enjoyed it very much. I had a sweet job and... honestly that's all I remember. The only memories I have are from the job I did, and that was for like 3 weeks

I went to a Red Sox game, saw Modest Mouse, and put rocket engines on a toy boat, and this was just one week. It was friggin sick.
My last summer kicked ass, I loved it! I got my first job and earned about 1300 dollars, and only $900 of it went towards drugs, $150 got stolen, and $250 was spent on drum heads and cymbals. I did X for my first time, I made a campfire by the river next to the road with a bunch of friends. Made alot of new friends. Went swimming alot. Once I had no where to go and slept in a patch of woods behind a church. I destroyed my entire friend's garage when I was on xanax. I watched alot of GameShow Network with my friend's grandma. Explored the Sewers. There were many days were I would wake in a completely different city than the one I thought I fell asleep in. It was basically one big adventure, and alot of weed.
I stayed home mostly. Went on AIM, UG, and internet. Hung out with friends, watched TV. It was kinda alright, but I could have done SOOO much more with my time.
Mine kicked ass...somehow I have a feeling this summer will somehow kick even more ass.

Yay for optimism

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Summer was good. It's fall and winter that SUCKED. They were very traumatic and chaotic months.
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Quote by brownstone999
Mine was absolutely horrible, worst summer of my life.


Lost everything. Apartment, girl, both bands, all my friends.
mine was decent... good AS results, and a fair amount of time having bbqs and going to the pub, although the weather was actually crap.
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Worst of my life. I did nothing at all....

I guess it's my fault, but it still sucked, regardless....
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It was pretty good. Got some beach trips in, saw Aerosmith, got my double neck...Twas good.
Wait, if summer in Australia is in December, January and Feb. does that mean the kids are off school then?
It was my GCSE summer, which meant 3 months of awesome. It included going to Glastonbury with my mates, 2 weeks in Venice with my best mate and just general lazing around and getting wasted 24/7.

Best summer thus far. This year looks to be pretty good though. Glastonbury again, 4 weeks traveling with friends in Belize and Guatemala, then a week in France with my girlfriend.
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Man that's badass.

4/5. every year during summer i'm like "wow this sucks" and then after it's over i realize how awesome it was. i've been all depressed and nostalgic lately, because i feel like my life's going by too fast, and everything keeps changing. idk.
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Best evar. Post gcse 2 month holiday

3 months here
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^And known for that bloody awesome croissant with a crown.
Man that's badass.

Suicidaly depressing and wet and lonely because i had moved away from all my mates.
I hated it, except for a few select moments and the end of august. I suppose a 3/10. I am dreading this summer because of the last.
Well, I had to do community service to school so they'd drop my "case". Then I was dragged to the airport and flew 23 uncomfortable hours halfway around the world. Then my bf of a very long time broke up with me.

Surprisingly, it was the start of the better things in my life. I'm gald it happened, not when it was happening.
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i would give mine like -10/10.
It was absolutely horrible. Worst time of my life.
Broke up with my ex and then the next few months (which happened to be my summer) were just absolutely horrible. My ex wouldn't go away, screw with my head, i had to deal with it all by myself. It was just the worst time of my life.

I'm looking forward to this summer and no matter how it goes, i'm pretty sure it'll be better than the last one!