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Let this thread die. This website is abosultely out of hand.
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this guitar feels amazing...i loved it in the store...just happened to be in the store at the same time as the schecter rep....he was offering me one of those for like $400 direct from the factory with a cuztom paint job....unfortionately my band broke up 2 weeks later when i had the cash and he lost interest as i didn't have a band anymore...then i pucked up my prs...and that was at first touch
trade with my greco LP 1979 ????
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P.S:if you're interested in my guitar plz reply me through my e-mail: 'coz i find pm system in ug is unreliable
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That is unlikely to be the exact guitar he is selling. Type in "Schecter C-1 Classic" into Google Images and that exact photo comes up.
Do you have any other photos of it? Preferably one of the serial number, and one of the back of the body?
I could arrange to take some if your very interested. My cameras are packed away. But if you want to trade I can dig them out later.
I'm not interested in it as I have the exact one myself :P

I was just looking to see what year and shape it's, and what you're going to get for it.
Are you sure? My local store said the easiest way to roughly date Schecters is by where the serial number is on the headstock. The salesperson said that if it goes vertically it's pre-2005, and if it's horizontally above "Made In Korea" then it's post-2005. Maybe it was 2006, my memory isn't that great.
Would it be too much of a pain to take a photo of that sticker? Every other one I've seen doesn't have a date, as you date the guitars by their serial numbers. And the stickers on all the ones I've seen say "Set up to play by Schecter USA" with a number signed, not a signature.
It might be in your best interest to get some photos up that aren't on google images, as it seems a little shifty (especially with your store's website being a japanese website). Just my 2 cents, though.
Shouldnt throw out your 2cents in someones thread if its not your own..

It is what it is, its for trade..
Hm, hes right Shredtastic. See, I'm actually interested in trading, however, I highly doubt your site would be japanese, there doesn't seem to be any logical explanation behind that. I actually googled that model of guitar and saw they were the same as yours, which is the same thing Stevo did. I'd appreciate it if you could post some pics of the guitar with some sort of proof that its actually yours, perhaps with a piece of paper or something in the same photo with your screen name on it.
Well could you explain why your store's website is only for Japanese?

All I'm saying is that it's going to be tough to trade that guitar without a couple more photos because you're going to have to prove that it is actually in your possession, and not just a photo taken off Google.
It may be just me, but the quilt on the guitar in the first photos and the flame on the guitar in the 2nd photos is completely different. Especially around the bridge.
I'm just merely asking questions that buyers might be interested in. I have a Les Paul as well as my Classic, so I could be a possible customer.
Well we will let the buyers ask them. As of now, I wouldnt even trade you if you had a gibson. Your an idiot.
Just one more question. If the only thing you suggest about the guitar is a string replacement, and you just took those photos, why are the strings new? (first photo in 2nd batch of photos.)
you came to my thread asking to trade, i agreed. i saw this thread and started to
wonder........the website you say is yours is an actual retail store in japan or china.
i highly doubt you own a guitar shop at 23yrs old with about $500K worth of gear
in it like all the pics show.

i asked you for specific pictures of the serial # with a simple piece of paper with your
username and the date and you haven't answered either of my pm's. your last login
was 2hrs 15mins ago so i know you got them.

there are 1 of 2 things going on. either the guitar is a knockoff or you don't even
have one and are just randomly pulling images of the web.

either way it looks like a sham.
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