Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but here it goes...

I know nothing about PA systems, other than the fact that I need one XD.

We play at small-medium venues, and we need a PA system, and I have no idea what I'm doing...

Can someone tell me, everything that is REQUIRED for a PA system, and maybe set me up with a low-priced system or some ideas???

OK you will need to have for a working PA system:

1. A PA system that works.

wait, u need a PA to play at places?
all the venues ive ever played at provide their own.
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just get a fair PA pack at or over $500.

a good PA has cables, powered mixer, passive speakers, and speaker stands.

cheap sets will try to toss in mics which are crud and not worth using, stick with shure SM58 mics for live use or any dynamic mic of your choice.
hmm...well, in practice, our singer can barely sing because there is constant feedback, and we thought it was time to get a PA system..we've been feeding our mics through guitar amps.