Ok, so I need to sell this amp (or trade in) but I'm hesitating because it can act up sometimes. Sometimes ill turn it on and I wont get any sound. There are two ways to fix this problem: hit it, or turn it off then on again. Sometimes it runs pretty solid, but other times when I start to crank the volume it will cut out or just start to get quiet. I can get by with it but I wouldnt pass it on like this. I have a soldering kit, any suggestions? Oh, and its never been dropped but i did use it when it was on its side a couple times. Thanks
Ive had this problem before, it might be that your tube is loose. Open up your amp after disconnecting the power for a long time to avoid any shock, and make sure the tube is secure.
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What he said.
And also be a good idea to check for broken solder connections and make sure the speaker wires are securely hooked up.
don't these things have a warranty at the store you bought it from? I was thinking of buying one, but am getting worried.
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I had a warranty but it ended about a year ago. Its really a good little amp when its working properly
If you sell it to a store, it's their business whether or not they pick up on that fault, and will adjust their price accordingly. If you're selling it through classifieds be sure to mention the fault, and how to deal with it.

With those SS amps there's really nothing you can fix yourself, and the 12AX7 tube should last several years before it starts losing power; mine last me around two years, and that's running at much higher power than in the Vox. By all means open it up and see if you can spot any obvious faults, but if not there's little you can do.
Either way you'll be lucky to get much for that amp, maybe £50/$100.