whats the reason you play your instrument? for fun? a hobby to pass the time? or do you really wanna use it to pay the bills?

personally i play for fun. i love learning my favorite songs and playing along to them. =]
I play as a hobby. I don't plan to do this as a full time job as I'm just learning and even if I get really good I'd probably pick up a job as something more mundane, but it's just fun to learn and it's a productive hobby.
to express myself, not to sound cliche. but i truly love everything about it.
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I enjoy playing teh musickz.
Kill time while learning somehitng thats fun

and if youre ever at a praty you can always play some acoustic
i play because i love music. it might end up as a bill paying thing if my solo project or my band flies off.
To take up time in between masturbation sessions
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i always had an intersted in music and i was inspired by some bands to be a rockstar. hehe. But eventually i got bored of it and then i just started playing for fun every now and then, jamming with myself. It's been kind of a hobby, and therapy cuz i'm so lonely now and have nothign to do for fun, but playing along with my cd's is like the best thing i stil have, that and playing with my wang. but now i've been writing some songs and playing guitar is like an outlet for my feelings, like sometimes i feel rlly happy, i play some pop kind of songs, and when im' feeling angry, metal, sometimes i'm feeling adventurous so play some rlly foreigin black metal kind of riffs. it just helps me live
I play the flute for the chicz.

I play because I heard John Lee Hooker play, and said to myself "I wana play that".
Well, I hope to get into another band here soon. But I find that music relaxes me, and so does playing it.

to get free stuff

and because i love music
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along with fire escape routes...

I enjoy playing music. I love the physical touch of the instruments that I play. I will be a music major starting next year, so yes, eventually I'll probably be playing music to pay the bills.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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because is fun
uses my free time
i can´t stop listening to music(i take my ipod to school everyday)
picking up the chick is just a bonus
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I love music.
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For the lulz
For the fun
For the hobby
For the challenge
For the chicks
For the kewl
For the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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For the lulz
For the fun
For the hobby
For the challenge
For the chicks
For the kewl
For the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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time machine. Inadvertently, I had created a
It's the only thing I'm relatively good at.
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I love to play and compose my own pieces, and I find it more emotional/visceral than the piano which was one of first choices. :\ Regardless, the guitar is amazing.
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Music can be used when words and actions fall short of what we want to express. But I guess "unprecedented levels of awesomeness" could describe guitar, roughly.
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To take up time in between masturbation sessions

Anyway its probably the only thing im decent at
I ve always loved music and always dreamed of being that ****er onstage whos going crazy with a guitar and all the people watching are going "holy ****"