Ok, so I listen to bands like Allman Brothers Band and Gov't Mule, and some day I want to be able to play some of their songs well.

So, right now I have been playing guitar for a little over a year. I know a couple of scales, chords (G,C,D,F,E, Em, A, Am), but I want to get better. I can play parts of a bunch of songs (the main riff in Jessica, the first few notes of the Blue Sky solo , Wonderful Tonight, and a couple other random things). I feel like I am kind of at a standstill.

What do you suggest I do to advance to where I can play, for example, the solo from Blue Sky, but also improvise solos on my own.

Try playing out the solo really slow and when you the solo good and you dont forget it and you can go through it (slow) without mistakes, try it a little faster. it takes time but if you go a little faster each time you'll be able to play pretty much whatever you want.