Hey guys
i was wondering if anybody has experience with sanding down their guitar---after seeing that new slash les paul--the one that was originally heritage cherry sunburst sanded down to that faded orange--ive decided that i want to do that to one of my backup guitars.

Should i use an electric sander, and then hand sand it using finer grit paper?
Any tips/ideas are greatly appreciated.

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My only worry with the electric sander is you'd take too much off. My suggestion just for safety's sake is just to hand sad the whole thing down so you get to the point where your happy with the colour.
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I'm fairly sure you just answered your own question. The burst is faded, not sanded.
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I'm fairly sure you just answered your won question. The burst is faded, not sanded.

No, the original is sanded. Slash didn't like the brightness of the 2 guitars gibson sent him. So before Guns went on tour he had them sanded down.

Anyway, anyone have some suggestions on how I'd do this? I like the look, and if I am unable to buy a $4000 custom Slash guitar, this would be the next best thing...
Was it completely refinished?
I thought a similiar look could be achieved by sanding...
Yeah, a complete refinish mate. DONT SAND THE FINISH. 0000 wire wool to dull the sheen down then buff it up slightly with buffing compound.

If you want to dull the burst down you've got a few options.

1 - Leave it in direct sunlight for a LONG time every day.

2 - Get a wardrobe and fix UV lights in it, leave the guitar hung up in there with the lights on for several days, keep checking and when your happy just take it out.

3 - Remove all hardwear and pickups then put it in a sack fastened up at the top. Leave it outside for a couple of weeks under cover to stop it getting wet. This one will probably only work with Cellulose as it reacts to the temperature and humidith changes and it ages prematurley, the finish will dull and the laquer cracks. If you live in an extreme environment with very hot or very cold dont do it as it'll **** the guitar up and warp the wood.