Have any of yall ever been in a band where you have all but lost any bit of hope you ever had for it, then ou come up with this just badass song in a jam session? well thats what happened to me tonight, now this doesnt sound like a problem right? Well most of my band memebers kinda consider me to be in charge because im the only one that will have actually push their lazy asses to get anything done so, im in a delimma right now. Our drummer was outside and me and our guitarist where inside playin around with a new bass riff i came up with, he was on dums at this time. we get to jammin pretty good and our other guitarist walks up just playin chords over the top of us and improvin a few licks when he thought necessary, we had better chemistry in those 10 minutes than with our other drummer in a year. the problem is the other guy is technically very sound just lacks the creativity and motivation, should we say goodbye to him and move on as a three piece or keep him and hope he gets with the program?
no dude ditch him and go as a three piece if he hasent done anything that good in a year like you say, drop him and just rock it with you three
tht wat i was i thinkin but its just that drummers as good as him are hard to come by and to be honest the other guy isnt any where near his level but we could get so much more done if he wasnt so friggin lazy
well then maybe talk to him and say like "yo we just jammed with this dude and we got way more done then when we do with you, so unless u get your **** together were gonna use him as our drummer"

and even if he isent as good, im sure he will learn as time goes on and develop no what i mean?
yea i got you that sounds like pretty damn good advice actually, we're on spring break now so ill have plenty of chances and if he gets pissed oh well because i still have my three piece that if i must say is pretty damn good in my opinion, i mean how often do you get teenage girls dancing just from a jam session i know i never i have until tonight
I think you should keep him for now to see how he does. Talk to him and see if you can get him modivated. ASk why he isent motivated. Amd if it doesent work out. Go as a three piece.
there ya go man, and if he doesent get his stuff together, he misses out on the chicks! more for you three!
Ive tried askin him a few weeks ago why he doesnt seem into he says its because we're not makin our own stuff, but when we do he doesnt contribute or he shoots our ideas down, i mean i would love to keep him and i think i will try him for at least the rest of this week (we're supposed to play at least 3 times this week) if it doesnt work out from there i hate to say it but its comin up to a vote from the us three wether he stays or not. im not gonna try to kick him out without the other 2s input but i know they feel the same way