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I have some thing similar on my guitar. Just take out the original strap pin out with a screwdriver. Screw in the new strap pin and put the strap in between the washer and the strap lock. I hope that helps, I know it is kind of complicated but dude, it isn't rocket science.
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Yes, it it quite simple. As I have had these on 3 of my guitars there is only one thing to watch out for that I can mention:

You need to use the screws that come with the locks. In my case the hole in my guitar was a little too big for the screw to bite. The best and most basic solution is to put a piece of a toothpick in the hole and then put the screw in. You don't need glue or anything, just the added sliver of wood does the trick.

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i've got these too and im having some issues

the original screws from the guitar didn't fit so i used the smaller ones and they wont stay in for more than a few minutes of me playing with it.

i've tried putting pieces of toothpick in but that is only a very temporary fix.

any ideas?