Hi everyone,

So I've been "playing" guitar for years now, own two electrics, a super cheap Peavey starter guitar that I bought for like $200 with amp about 5 years ago, and a Schecter 006 Deluxe Matte Black electric with Behringer amp I bought about 10 months ago.

So I've been playing for a while now, and well, I don't own an acoustic. I've recently began to embrace acoustic music much more than I ever have in the past, so it's a logical next step. I spent my day going to all the guitar shops in Winnipeg (it's conveinent enough, the 4 biggest ones are within a block of each other, talk about competition), and I could use some suggestions.

The model that I REALLY want is the Gibson Hummingbird, but it's a tad out of my price range, lol, retails for about $2700 here in my city at the store I went to. I always thought it was a BEAUTIFUL guitar, and some of my heros play a Hummingbird. So I completely based me wanting this guitar on the fact that my heros play it, and it looks hot. I finally played it today, and WOW. The tone on the puppy is great, very easy to play, and just all around beautiful. Felt nice to have a $3000 guitar in my hand, but alas, I put it back after strumming a few chords, didn't want to break it. What I realized today is that Epiphone is a subsidiary of Gibson and they do a "knockoff" (well, I don't know if you'd call it that, but you know what I meant) Hummingbird for under $400. I played one today, and it felt nice, definitely didn't feel/ sound the same as the Gibson, but I felt it was alright. Any comments on this?

Another guitar that I really liked right away is the Ibanez AW40 CE NT. Beautiful looking acoustic/ electric - built in preamp and tuner. Plays beautifully, nice tone.

Lastly, the Yamaha FGX 720 SCA. The guitar looks nice, plays beautifully, sounds great. Nice body, in the price range, built in preamp/ tuner. All around great. When I went into the store, I went to the Yamahas because, well, Yamaha is Yamaha, and this was the first to catch my eye. I went to ask a sales person later, and coincidentally it's the same guitar he recommends me. Good sign I suppose?

So anyways, that's my situation. Any guitarist opinion is appreciated!!! In terms of price range, I'm putting a cap at around $600-700. I'm still a hobbyist, but I don't want to get something too cheap. I think my skill has surpassed that of a beginner to say the least.

In general you want to stay away from Ibanez acoustics. They tend to have extremely inconsistent quality control and to me at least, seem to be there to make money from people who like Ibanez electrics and decide to try acoustics. Usually they look really nice but are overpriced and have those issues with quality control.

Yamaha's are really nice guitars in the lower price range, the FG720S is a great guitar when your on a budget but the electronics in them aren't the best apparently. The guitars themselves are all really high quality and sound good though.

I've played a few of the Epi Hummingbirds and Dove's and I didn't think they were bad, or particularly good though. They sounded ok and played ok so i guess they were ok guitars. Just didn't really do it for me if you know what I mean. Of course, peoples tastes change.

Other brands to check in the price range are Alvarez and Takamine. They would probably be my top picks. Also Tanglewood and blueridge make some nice guitars.