I use a Mex fender P as my Main bass with a Quarter Pounder Pickup,
This is my Main and is in E/D and use it for everything.

2 of my Bands new songs are in Drop C tunning and I recorded them using my freinds Muiscman Stringray.

So I now need a bass that can be tuned to Drop C with budget of of £140 (Not a lot compared to my Mex) with build being the most important thing, as can always upgrade the pickup later it hard with other things.
I know I don't want a P bass,
Any ideas ? and what gague strings would you use I was thinking 120.
I would buy an individual B string and a four string set. You could always keep the E as a backup eh?

I guess any bass would do, it'll need to be able to support that higher gauge string, and the nut may need to be widened or something to hold that string properly.

If I were you, I'd just grab a Jazz bass or something. I'm not experienced with Ibanez basses but maybe someone else could fill you in on better options.
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I would buy an individual B string and a four string set. You could always keep the E as a backup eh?

huh whats that mean
It means just like it sounds like: You go to a guitar store and ask to buy a single B string. You replace the E-string on the bass w/ the newly purchased B-string.

You'll probably have to widen the nut to do this, but if you don't know what to do, just tell the guys at the guitar store to set up the bass properly for CGCF tuning, with the B-string installed.

You don't need to buy an extra 4-string set, although having a slightly heavier gauge than normal for the other strings wouldn't hurt.

I would personally recommend getting a 5-string set and using the BEAD strings, and getting the store to set up your bass properly for CGCF tuning with those strings. These strings will be heavier, and therefore flop around a lot less, giving you a clear tone for a tuning that normally causes quite a bit of fret buzz.
This is prob the best method for a lower-tuning dedicated bass, as the strings are so heavy taht you can go even lower if needed.

In terms of bass, that's not a lot of money. I'd look for something used like an Ibanez GSR (or lower end SR) or Peavey Millenium series.
ok yeah i understand now.
what the build quailty like on those basses.
Get an older Peavey if you can, they're better than the new ones, but the new ones are good basses, too.
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you could also look at 35 scale basses. the added length will help with the down tuning. ESP:LTD make some 35 scale, 4-string basses.

If you consider using a B string on a 4 string bass, why not consider buying a 5-string bass? That way you don't loose your G string
just buy heavier gauge strings it may solve your problems

but if you really want a second bass try the squier VM j bass, it is a really nice bass better than MIM fenders IMO
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^ I'd put them about even

If you're needing a new bass for shows, I reccomend Peavey. Most of their basses are built like tanks(heck, most anything they build is), and they don't sound half bad either. Very good as a backup.
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