Right now I just play acoustic guitar ( getting a epiphone hummingbird soon ) but I'm looking to get into electric. I was wondering which guitar would be best for ska/reggae? Thanks in advance!

or an ibanez. Anything with a single-coil in the neck.

If you like sublime you might want like an HSS strat for the heavier punk stuff
A Telecaster would be nice, or even a Les Paul like Roddy Radiation from The Specials. Single coils aren't the be all and end all of reggae/ska guitars.
Get a Casino with P90's or a LP with the same pickups.

How about an epiphone casino? Or telecaster?
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My MIM tele handles reggae well. But go to a music store, and just play guitars for a few hours (focusing on strats a teles) and go with whatever you like.
Okay I play in a reggae band so heres what I found. The strat is a big no I got my hands on a Deluxe strat and it was only half the guitar that my standard tele is. The tele sounds beautiful clean and alright distorted, but reggae and ska is mostly clean so your all set.
ska suck1!!! lol no jk. definitely get a fender. any kind will do. but remember, MOST of the tone you will get out of your guitar is dependent on your amp and pickups.
You could use any kinda of guitar just as long as the pickups arent made for metal emgs or somthing active should be fine bob marley used a les paul so i dont see why a strat or tele is mandatory if i had to choose one of those to for ska/reggae id choose the tele sound way better imo
Gibson SG or LP
even though i think their necks a bit big they are perfect for that style
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