G'day fellow UGer's,
Just a while ago i was playing my DSL50 with the volume around 8 then all of a sudden its starts crackling and fizzing and drops in volume. I turned it down to around 4 and then it was alright but i could smell that Burning electrical smell like something cooked inside the amp.
Whenever I turn it back up over halfway it craps out. I opened it up just to have a look at the Boards if anything was cooked but found nothing and also the power transformer was quite hot. Could it have overheated and did some damage?.
Any help wold be greatly appreciated.
Sounds to me like you blew a fuse. Burning smell, crapping out...
The only problem with that is normally it wouldn't turn on at all. Check it out anyway.

It could be the transformer, that definitely causes crackling. But you say it works fine when the volume is under four?
Check the transformer (copper layers particularly) for rust/ deterioration.

Hold old is the thing?

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u probably mismatched the speaker cab's impedance with the amp's output.

speaker is fizzing. if a fuse blew, it would not even make a sound.
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I checked all the fuses inside the amp and they were all ok, I will have a look at the transformer also, and the head was made in 2002 i think.
I dont think I mismatched the impendance, i always use it at 8 ohms and check every time when i plug into the head that i did'nt bump the ohm switch from carrying it.
It sounds fine below halfway but when i go over halfway it just kinda farts out.
Cheers for the replies
Volume at 8! How are your ears still functioning?
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Volume at 8! How are your ears still functioning?

The DSL50 is a quiet amplifier. It's still loud, just not as loud as the other 50 watters I've played for some reason.

I say take it in to a techie if you can't find out what's wrong.
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