heres a new one for you guys!

anyways, this is a improvised solo over a looped backing track (jamcenter.com)
there is a mistake or two, but i think its pretty solid.
aynways, im interested in hearing anysort of feedback at all, technique, tone, hairstyle :lol:, whatever.
this i obviously going to be C4C, if anyone here knows me, i do good crits.
feel free to write what ever you want, if you want me to write you a good crit back at least try to write a couple of syllables here.

thanks in advance!
Nicely done, very good for improv, the sound of ur guitar is a perfect tone as well sounds very clear and each note is decipherable which is great, u could of tried experimenting a bit though i noticed you stayed on one section of the guitar for quiet some time but that being said it was greatly performed well done
This is great! usually I don't listen to this type of music, but the guitar is very hypnotizing. You have a great technique. I wish I could play half as well as you! But as much as I liked this one, I absolutely loved the Blueberry one. I love the mood and I could hear the melody in my head. Nice job, you're a fantastic guitarist.


Oh, and thanks for the crit!
First off, i like ur guitar tone dude . You definitely know ur way around the guitar and pretty much all the notes are coming out nicely and clearly - a testament to good playing. I heard some cool trills and all round smooth playing. All round i enjoyed listening to it, but it did get a little repetitive at parts. Perhaps an arpeggio or 2 to spice things up?

Either way, awesome playing dude
thanks for the crit, ill crit yours as i listen so i don't forget anything .

the intro, i like how slow and melodic it is, it also fits very well with the slow backing track. i also like your bends, they fit perfect with the tune. not much i can say to improve there. towards the middle i like the build up in speed and use of different techniques, especially the trills, which give it a sort of exotic feel. i would add in a few taps or sweeps to liven up the slow atmosphere instead of another long held note, as your phrasing gets a bit boring after a minute of slow lead lines. the ending was a faster than the rest of the song, and imo is where u ned the most work, the ending with just a fade out doesn't work imo, perhaps a few harmonics(natural not pinch or artificial)

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yeah i did want to do a proper ending, but since it is a looped track its kind of hard to really wrap it up. also, that was were my camera ran out of space, the fade out is just so it isnt to sudden. yeah its too bad about the end. there is a really nice fast part into a slower melodic part that i really like, but then i screwed up right as i was finishing it up!
yea denman island! i was living in comox up til about a year ago until i moved to vic.

what a dump victoria is..

anyway, nice playing and smooth technique. if you ever come down to vic, i'll buy you a beer.

i dont' have anything for you to crit, but if you want to leave a comment on my songs in my profile, please feel free

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Loved the tone and your legato technique was flawless. It was very reminiscent of Metallica. In a good way.
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It sounded good man nice!

only thing is it looked like it wasn't improvised to me, like you knew the routine before you even got there.

Might just be me, but doesn't matter, improv or not I liked it.
sorry for the late response,

What amp did you play through? I love the tone.
To me it also dident seem like an improv, it seemed like you thought ahead of time. I still liked it alot. Keep it up!

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Great phrasing, there were just a couple moments of weakness and out of key notes. All your runs and tapping bits were right on though. It kinda seemed like you had a rough start too, but you got right into the groove. Seems to me like you definitely followed the chords better in some places than others, but that was still great to listen to.

I've got a thread a couple down called "Mellow Bass Tapping Thing" or something.
thanks for all the comments guys!
yup it was all improv, though i knew my way around the song pretty well (took a few takes, the others were mostly warm up and screw ups)
tone wise, thats me going through a Kustom 35dfx(beautiful solo tone distortion) on full gain and treble, i think the bass and mids were around 6 and 5 respectively. oh and a bit of the built in delay. if i havent already ill crit all you guys back!
Nice! The backingtrack from jamcenter eh? Well, I have to say your solo sounds great on it! I like the beginning of the solo, nice and slow kind of tempo. the high section after that is a bit representive, it would be better if you had used some more different notes. After that it's get's awsome 'till the end, great work!

Personally, I'm not much of a fan of of pentatonic stuff unless its mixed in with other stuff, and really thats more of a preference thing. But still I'd work on breaking out of the strict pentatonic structures you're doing. I know I tend to get stuck in the same places on the fret board, and it looks like you have the same problem - unless you mean to do it.

Other than that, I'd just explore the lower strings more, and see what cool stuff you can do up on that top half of the fretboard. Also, I'd suggest you experiment more with the whammy. And, like others said, maybe do some sweeps. Those always work well to add a "surprise" in a solo.

Heres my song: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=834582

Please critique!! Oh and listen to the solo towards the beginning. Its quite drastically different than your style, lol.
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