alright so i wanna start getting into recording my guitar playing, made some songs with my band and wanna record them. What is the ebst way to record a song? These are the options ive come up with.

1. Line 6 type of thing where you plug it into a device and then into computer.
2. Get a mic, stand etc. and put it up to the speaker. (What kind of software can i take the mic recording to the computer?
3. Then there like the multi effects that have the midi things to record.

Which ones best?

Got a couple of questions on the mic thing.... what would be a good mic, how would i go about actually getting the recoded sound onto the computer, and what software?

if you could help thanks =D
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If you don't want to use mics, recored from the Line6 but you will loose the sound of your cab.
For mics, get a dynamic mic (Shure SM57 for example) and put it close to the cab, and put a condenser mic a few meters away from it in the room. Make sure the room has good
Midi is just to transfer notes (digitally), not sound. You can't record just with midi.
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