When I play my Bass, Sometime's (Not everyday) It starts to cut off. I hit the back of the bass lightly and it works again. Its starts doing it again, and again.

I Have check the bass and all wires and picks are good.

What is it?
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i had the same problem at school the other day. i was using the bass, with one of my leads. then it started to cut out, but started working again when i twisted the lead or something. eventually, it cut out altogether. when i got home, i tested the lead with my guitar, and it was, in fact, broken.
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It could be any of them...test them all...try using same bass and amp with a diff lead, same lead and amp with a diff bass/guitar, same bass and lead with a diff amp. You should be able to figure it out by doing that.
I think its the Jack.
I try them to.
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I had a very similar problem. I took it to a shop and they fixed it easily. Said something was wrong with the jack (i'm not a very technical person lol)
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