So anyway, when people come over to my house, or more specifically, my room, they usually comment on my guitars leaning against my guitar rack... or on my bed. The usual comment being, "you play guitar?"

My normal answer would be: "Yeah, a little." Which would inevitably lead to: "cool, mind playing something?"

What would be your response to that?

(For myself, I suck at doing solo stuff (with the acoustic) since I'm usually playing with my band and they all give me the 'filler'. So I'd just end up playing Canon in D or other old classical stuffs.)
I hate it when people say "play something". I ask what they want to hear. Usually just some little spanishy riffs or something popular.
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A lot of pros do that: if they play a wrong note, they'll hit it again to make it look as if it's intentional. It's called "jazz", aparently.
Yeah I know what you mean. Still, if always get the feeling if I play something boring, they'll be like "oh, that's it?"


Bouree is great. Turkish March as well.
Something they know, easy, labamba, bourre, bolero by ravel, nothing else matters, californication - they will enjoy it cos they know it.
I just try to play some improvised stuff, or some chords that I usually play around with, and a little filler run here and there.

and when they ask "what's that?" you can be all cool and just go "dunno, just thought it up".
I just go with Wish You Were Here....
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Keep On The Sunny Side, You Are My Sunshine, or The Big Rock Candy Mountain.

I like hobo songs.
Sincerely, Chad.
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Depends who asked. If I know theyre taste in music and know how to play something by an artist they like then id play that. If not, something well known that sounds fairly impressive. Classical Gas perhaps.
I play for them Dueling Banjos. Then I give them a slight usage of the search bar.


That or 'Over the Hills and Far Away'
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I tell them that I play Acoustic Jazz Funk. They usually stop me from touching my guitars for teh whole evening after that.

Hahahahahaha...lmao! Thanks!